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Smaller firms enjoy larger benefits from risk monitoring and mitigation due to lower co-ordination costs, more efficient internal communications and ease of access to the C-suite. In smaller firms, there is no need to spend days searching for the risk expert with the right information,

PPSE: back to the basics of Operational Risk

After 15 years of frameworks, lines of defence, risk and control self-assessments, aggregated dashboards and tools of every kind, risk managers in the financial services industry would benefit from going back to the fundamentals of operational risk: what it really is and how it is

Sound practice guidance paper on KRIs

As the Chair of the Sound Practice Guidance Committee of the Institute of Operational Risk, I am very pleased to announce the publication today of the revised IOR Guidance on Key Risks Indicators, fully updated since its original edition in 2010. The document includes: Section 2: Definitions

Lifecycle of Key Risks Indicators

In traditional life cycle representations of KRIs, one essential step is missing: the understanding of the various causes of a risk. Moreover, too little benefit is derived for the reuse of existing metrics of the firm into leading KRIs. Poor results of control testing and

Ariane Chapelle on YouTube

    The Practitioner's Guide to Operational Risk Modelling and Measurement, London March 2-3, 2016. Course Highlights : Update on the latest developments in the AMA debate Guidance on operational risk modelling for non-quantitative practitioners Recent and emerging methods in operational risk measurement Insights on collecting necessary data for operational risk modelling Overview

Brussels or the difficult role of risk management

On this Sunday night, Brussels ends a second day of near-complete shut down with no metro, no cinemas, concerts, or sporting events and no shops besides a few food stores. Tomorrow, schools will be closed. The police forces are hunting at least two men, assumed