Sound practice guidance paper on KRIs

As the Chair of the Sound Practice Guidance Committee of the Institute of Operational Risk, I am very pleased to announce the publication today of the revised IOR Guidance on Key Risks Indicators, fully updated since its original edition in 2010.

The document includes:

Section 2: Definitions of different indicators;

Section 3: Role and purpose of KRIs;

Section 4: Desirable features of KRIs;

Section 5: Categorisation of KRIs;

Section 6: Process of designing KRIs: frequency, thresholds and governance;

Section 7: Practical guidance on how to set up and manage a KRI programme;

Section 8: Possible reporting structures on KRIs

Section 9: Validation of indicators ex post;

Section 10 concludes.

Section 11 contains a bibliography of useful references for further reading.

The document is freely downloadable for members of the Institute of Operational Risk. Please visit:

or join the Institute to get access.